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Until August 31 2020, subject to change, all community gatherings and cultural events such as festivals and concerts of all sizes that take place in the public realm on Granville Island have been cancelled or postponed. The CMHC Administrative team is currently not approving any new external event applications as our organizational capacity and resources are currently focused on supporting the Granville Island tenant & cultural community with their impacted businesses and emergency planning.  

Until further notice we have reserved our public spaces for unreserved distanced public recreational use and to occasionally provide additional space for Granville Island tenants and the existing cultural community on an as-needed basis to help support the primary function of their organization, if their primary function of their organization is impeded by current space restrictions in their shop or venue   

Granville Island has always been known as a place for celebration, for gathering, and for sharing public space. We look forward to welcoming the world back to Granville Island when restrictions are fully lifted and we can more openly celebrate.  

Several outdoor locations on Granville Island are available free of use for public performances and gatherings (family, school and community related). Specific guidelines and priorities exist for each location and can be reviewed in the application forms available below.

For questions, contact Outdoor Spaces Coordinator Claire Diamond at 604.666.1000 or email

* Please note priority is given first to CMHC-Granville Island Public Affairs and Programming Department, and then to families and non-profit community groups. Bookings for 2020 will be taken from January 2.

public market courtyard Form & Guidelines

PiCNIC pavilion form & guidelines

Ron Basford park form & Guidelines