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Until August 31 2020, subject to change, all community gatherings and cultural events such as festivals and concerts of all sizes that take place in the public realm on Granville Island have been cancelled or postponed. The CMHC Administrative team is currently not approving any new external event applications as our organizational capacity and resources are currently focused on supporting the Granville Island tenant & cultural community with their impacted businesses and emergency planning.  

Until further notice we have reserved our public spaces for unreserved distanced public recreational use and to occasionally provide additional space for Granville Island tenants and the existing cultural community on an as-needed basis to help support the primary function of their organization, if their primary function of their organization is impeded by current space restrictions in their shop or venue   

Granville Island has always been known as a place for celebration, for gathering, and for sharing public space. We look forward to welcoming the world back to Granville Island when restrictions are fully lifted and we can more openly celebrate.  

Granville Island is a vibrant cultural district located in the centre of Vancouver, minutes from downtown, surrounded by ocean, cityscape and mountain views and providing a haven for locals and tourists from around the world. It attracts millions of visitors each year, and is a favoured location for photographers, filmmakers, and event organizers. Particularly in the summer months, Granville Island is a very busy place, with more than 300 businesses employing approximately 3,000 people, including theatres, restaurants, artists’ studios, a hotel, and the famous Public Market. It is administered by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), a federal crown agency of the Government of Canada, and is financially self-supporting.

CMHC values the cultural significance of events & celebrations and as such, provides access to public space, and in some cases provides in-kind support and funding for the purpose of fostering creativity and innovation in shared social settings.  The Public Affairs & Programming Department of CMHC-Granville Island administers a number of programs that manage cultural events, and family celebrations in the public realm. In addition to hosting events in public space, as a long-standing cultural destination, Granville Island is home to eleven theatres & event spaces offering everything from live music and comedy to dance, theatre, film and cultural celebrations.

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